Fastlane : Continuous integration and delivery for mobile development
28 May 2016

All iOS developper had at least once thought about hanging up the creators of code signature, provisionning profiles, xcodebuild and xcrun.

Hopefully a new tool, Fastlane, has gained a lot of traction this year. His creator Felix Krause is now working on it full time at Twitter. Fastlane is a collection of more than ten tools and a library : Spaceship, working together to automate build, signature, test, documentation update and store submission:

Fastlane toolchain

It's now a must have, that we have integrated at Touch & Sell. We use spaceship for provisionning App ID, Certificat and Push Certificate. A 15 minutes task per client and per year, error prone, is now fully automated. Next things will be to migrate the build process and screenshot generation.

Welcome to simkim.net!
27 May 2016

I've finally updated my personal website. Previously made in rails and bootstrap running on passenger, I migrated to jekyll and Semantic UI and docker nginx-proxy. Static websites for near static content are easier to deploy, safer and use less ressource.